[Project_owners] Porting extension to Deer Park

Axel Hecht axel at pike.org
Fri Aug 12 19:11:29 EDT 2005

massey wrote:
> Axel Hecht wrote:
>> massey wrote:


>> That's wrong. For deer park, you just need a chrome.manifest for the 
>> chrome resolution stuff, and an install.rdf for the installation of 
>> the extension.
> Thanks for clearing that up. I am curious how someone would debug 
> problems with chrome.mainfest. In the old chrome.rdf/overlayinfo scheme 
> a person could go look at the rdf to see where things went wrong but now 
> I am confused about where to look.

I guess the confusing part is that it's just supposed to work :-). And 
usually it does.

bsmedberg is going to add richer error reporting as he goes, be sure 
about that.


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