[Project_owners] Mac Thunderbird Extensions Issue

Mike Krieger mikekrieger at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 17:55:32 EDT 2005

Hi all,

Sorry if this has been asked/addressed before, I haven't been keeping
up with the list for the last few months. Anyway, I'm developing a new
extension that will color-code Thunderbird's Compose: window depending
which email is currently set in the From: field, to avoid confusion
and mistaken emails from the wrong identities. So far so good on
Windows, but a friend reports that it doesn't work at all in Mac OS X.
I tried sending him a version with alert()'s scattered throughout to
try and figure out where the problem was, but turns out not even the
very first one is getting loaded. Is there a difference in the Mac
version of Thunderbird that I should have in mind? Could line endings
be a problem?

If anyone with experience with the Mac versions of Thunderbird (or
even Firefox, as it may be cross-product) could help, that'd be great.
I can email you the current testing version of the extension.

Thanks tons,
Mike K

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