[Project_owners] serverpost: Perhaps reorienting for XUL widgets in general?

Philippe GOETZ philippe.goetz at wanadoo.fr
Thu Aug 4 09:28:21 EDT 2005

Alex Vincent wrote:

>I took a look around mozdev's projects lists today (active, abandoned,
>inactive) and was surprised to see no general repository for new XUL
>widgets.  As I blogged earlier today, I just keep pumping them out,
>and they're all useful in one way or another.
>I'm thinking about renaming the serverpost project into a "XULLib"
>project -- a XUL counterpart to JSLib.  Aside from reorganizing the
>www subdirectory, what would be needed to convert serverpost into a
>general widgets repository?
Hi Alex;

I built some widgets (or components) in the past. One of them as been 
used in the project NVU and others in my own projects.
Your suggestion to have a general repository would be interessant.

Regards, Philippe

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