[Project_owners] Re: Mozilla bug 288986

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk some at universum.org
Sat Apr 30 12:41:59 EDT 2005

Neil wrote:
> Michael Vincent van Rantwijk wrote:
>> document.getElementById("reopenTabMenu").disabled = true;
>> but that doesn't disable this XUL menu in Mozilla 2005042106 but the 
>> following snip does, so what am I doing wrong?
>> document.getElementById("reopenTabMenu").setAttribute('disabled', 
>> 'true');
> When XBL was originally created it didn't work on menus, because of the 
> funny things the Mac does. Now it does, although nobody has bothered to 
> update it to support the disabled property as per the interface.

So I need to update the CSS file(s) for MultiZilla to get it working?
As in, the tab context menu is still not supported without update?

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