[Project_owners] Toolbox menus in OS X in iframes

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Mon Apr 25 16:44:33 EDT 2005

David Murray wrote:

> Basically what I have is an XUL dialog open that has an iframe, and 
> inside the iframe is an XUL page that acts as the interface (has to be 
> done this way). Now, on the XUL page (which is inside the iframe), 
> there is a <toolbox> at the top which has File, Edit, Help, etc. This 
> renders properly in Windows and I'm assuming Linux, but with OS X it 
> continues to display the standard Firefox browser menu across the top 
> of the screen. Shouldn't the menu change based on what window has 
> focus, be it a dialog or iframe or whatever?

In the latest trunk frame menus will display inline as per Windows and 
Linux. Previous Mac versions won't display menus at all (obviously the 
chrome menu is available from the Mac's global menubar).

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