[Project_owners] Sidebar capabilities...

Richard Klein richwklein at mchsi.com
Sun Apr 17 10:08:43 EDT 2005

yaa at euronet wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am the author of sitebarsidebar and I got a request of which I myself doubt 
> that I can implement it, so I ask you if I am right or wrong in my asumption.
> The request is if I can make a sidebar wich does not push away the main 
> browser content but hover over it while leaving the content of the main 
> browser as is.
> Looking in the browser.xul reveals they are 2 browsers with a splitter in 
> between them.
> Is there a z-index like in xhtlm/css? so I can hover the sidebar browser over 
> the main browser?
> Thanks on front,
> Bas Burger.
You probably can do that by putting the sidebar in a popup element.

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