[Project_owners] Image prefetching

Luca Minuti lithian at tiscalinet.it
Fri Apr 1 09:24:50 EST 2005

Hi Konstantin,

> Anyway, your problem is very simple - some of your images load BEFORE
> your JS even gets to tmpImage.setAttribute(...).

No. The images are loaded from web pages and are big enough to take about
half second to be displayed. I think the problem is another.

Now I'm trying this code

var imageList;
function x()
  imageList = new Array();
  for ( ... )
      var imageList[i] = new Image();
      imageList[i].setAttribute("onload", "alert(this.src);");
      imageList[i].src = ...;

and seems to work well. So, I think the old version have some problem
with the garbage collector.


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