[Project_owners] Having download counter problems

Pat McDonald pat at vpop.net
Wed Sep 29 10:53:02 EDT 2004

We just got our ultrabar listed on update.mozilla.
It did take a while, but the moz team was great at follow up and I 
imagine they are pretty swamped with requests.

Follow the directions listed on the FAQ #3 http://update.mozilla.org/faq/
You need to enter a new bug report 
(interpret bug as new extension)
If you follow the steps on the new bug report, your extension will be 
assigned to a member of the update team.  The team member will follow up 
with you through your "bug" page.

In a couple of weeks, hopefully less, your extension will be listed on 

good luck.

Pete Collins wrote:

> mime wrote:
>> hey pete,
>> i was wondering about this actually since you mention it - how does
>> one post something on update.mozilla.org? i can't seem to find
>> anything that tells you how to do this.
> Actually I've never done it either.  :)
> Brian King added jsLib.
> I'll let someone else here answer.
> --pete

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