[Project_owners] php and extensions

Richard Kirkcaldy richard at lordrich.com
Sat Sep 25 16:23:11 EDT 2004

Richard Klein wrote:

> I've been working on updating my Tip of The Day extension to work with 
> Firefox 1.0.  I'm stuck on one thing I want to do though.  I want to 
> have a dialog so that people can submit there tips, and I'll review 
> them and add them to tip file on mozdev.  I know I can use the 
> xmlHttpRequest object to post the data, but does anyone know how I can 
> take that data in php and write it to a text file, here on mozdev.org.

You would want to moderate any submissions, so would having them 
submitted through email to either your email address or to the tipbar 
mailing list be better?  You could have thunderbird filter them out and 
store them in a separate folder.  That would certainly be the simple 
option, and would take a few minutes to setup.
I don't know how you're handling the online/offline storing of the tips, 
but ideally you'd have a php interface to a mySQL server.  The tips 
would be submitted to the database, and you'd have an admin backend to 
enable or delete tips as they come in.  Obviously though this would all 
need to run on somewhere other than mozdev.org.
I would be more than happy to lend a hand in any of that if you want 
some help.

Richard Kirkcaldy

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