[Project_owners] Fx and Tb install window icons

Mook mook.moz at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 23:57:13 EDT 2004

On Wed, 15 Sep 2004 11:23:09 +0200, Brian King <brian at mozdev.org> wrote:
> When installing my app, I want to install a window icon for the main
> window of my app.
> In seamonkey this is straightforward, just add the file to
> chrome/icons/default/ in install.js
> For Firefox and Thunderbird, the location is the same, but install.rdf
> doesn't have a mechanism for installing the icons. I tried putting them
> in defaults/ and defaults/icons/ in the XPI, but they are not picked up.
> Has anyone else come across this problem and solved it?
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See bug 242757.  At least Ben looks like he wants to do this :)
The linked post on MozillaZine says: (and I quote:)

( from http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?p=511923#511923 by
bengoodger )
jedbro, what you can do in the interim is place the .ico files in your
xpi under the defaults/ dir... then the first time you run, you can
attempt to copy them to (bindir)/chrome/icons/...

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