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Thu Sep 16 03:43:42 EDT 2004

Hi Jurgen,

Most Javascript you learned will do, also the interaction with the DOM is 
exactly the same as in webpages.

There are two security flavors with XUL as far as I know If I am wrong then 
somebody tell so.
1. remote xul invoked from webpages that have a DOM boundary at the document 
level and not above.
2. a chrome xul application like your extension that can access DOM positions 
above document level where it can interact with the whole browser.

I already saw the link to xulplanet posted.
The best documentation and script examples you can get are:
1. the content of browser.jar, toolkit.jar and comm.jar inside the main chrome 
directory of the mozilla installation.
You can use these routines defined in there in your own xul overlay, just 
invoke like this:
<script src="jar:resource:/chrome/browser.jar!/content/browser/browser.js"/>

2. extensions of other people, you can find these in the extensions directory 
of your profile.

Note: do read the licences that come with the code and agree with it before 
using ideas from it, most are mpl or gpl.

Bas Burger.

Op Thursday 16 September 2004 01:44, schreef "Jürgen R. Plasser":
> Hi all,
> I have just started to do some work on my copyallurls extension again. I
> need some help with scripting. I want to open a list of URIs within a
> loop in a new browser window.
> I open the URIs in new tabs
> opener.gBrowser.selectedTab = opener.gBrowser.addTab(newUrl);
> How can I open a new browser window and then open the tabs in it?
> BTW where can I find good scripting tutorials or documentation?
> Jürgen
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