[Project_owners] performance updates

bidiui at sent.com bidiui at sent.com
Thu Sep 16 02:20:06 EDT 2004

Patrick Brunschwig wrote:

>I still can't do CVS checkin or checkout in the enigmail/downloads
>directory (it's OK in the other directories, and also e.g. in the
>downloads/src subdirectory). If I'm waiting long enough, I still get
>this message every 30 seconds:
>cvs checkout: 21:32:39] waiting for cvs's lock in /cvs/enigmail/downloads
>In addition, I have checked in some new files in the downloads directory
>more than 24 hours ago, and they haven't shown up on any mirror so far...
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me too :-/ can't checkout new tree of my project or commit in an 
exisiting tree :-/


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