[Project_owners] To give the good example...

Jed jedbro at gmx.net
Sun Sep 12 12:01:48 EDT 2004

yaa at euronet.nl wrote:

>I have a on topic question that some of you might have a answer for.
>1. Is there a way my chrome app can be alarmed when the uninstall extension 
>function of Firefox is invoked?
>My app is a sidebar that needs to be closed on uninstall, if kept open it will 
>corrupt the profile and leaves a empty open sidebar when uninstalled.
>If my app can intercept some flag or hook some callback then it can close the 
>bar itself on uninstall.
No, but there is a way to do it.
Look under the "Extensions" and "Development" forums at mozillazine and 
do a search, I remember seeing a post about this (with answers and code) 
just a few weeks ago.

Good luck

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