[Project_owners] Wanted: Translator for Japanese (and Chinese?)

Jens Bannmann jens.b at web.de
Sun Sep 12 18:47:38 EDT 2004

> Do you think it'd be a good idea to emply some kind of locale
> fallback mechanism? The idea is that I choose one base language eg
> en_US and provide only the differences to en_US for say en_GB.
> Mozilla will then choose the right string either during run-time or
> will create some cached full-copy during install.

It would certainly be nice to have, however I think it's difficult
doing this at the extension level. If I create additional files
somewhere, they'd have to be uninstalled, too, which seems complicated
given Firefox' uninstaller which strictly adheres to the files
packaged in the XPI.

The affected text is stored in a DTD and used in MozGets's preferences
panel, so I could only imagine replacing the string via DOM
manipulation on load (via the element ID, as the original DTD entity
reference is gone at that time). The question remains whether it is
worth the effort - is using en-US such a big issue for British?


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