[Project_owners] National letters in .js files

Bartosz Piec bpiec at student.uci.agh.edu.pl
Sun Sep 5 02:28:44 EDT 2004

I had translated many of extension to Polish language. But when I'm 
translating install.js file (old-extensions installer) the 
Polish-specific letters are not displayed correctly (there are some 
2-letters replacements). I think that this is caused by the fact, that 
I'm writing in Unicode. Is there any way to correct this? Maybe some 
encoding declaration? But how?

When I make new file (eg. locale.inf) at this structure:
string=Some string

and then write in install.js:
var messages = loadResources('locale.inf');

then everything is ok, even if in string there are Polish letters.

Any ideas?

Bartosz Piec

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