[Project_owners] CVS not working

Pete Collins pete at mozdevgroup.com
Sun Oct 31 09:52:34 EST 2004

> Just for the record. I wasn't trying to stab Pete in the back, it was 
> a joke, note the smiley.

Hey, success is merely the perspective of sitting on top of a large pile 
of failures. :)

It was me being cautious, I didn't add the remove line for the source 
archives to ensure the script was working properly (which it was).

But this will give you an idea of how much traffic Mozdev sees. Out http 
access log grows to about 400-500 Megs per day before it is rotated. 
Multiply that by the amount of days in a given month and you'll get an 
idea of how we can eventually run out of space.


Pete Collins - Founder, Mozdev Group Inc.
Mozilla Software Development Solutions 

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