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jeroen groenenboom jagrboom at zonnet.nl
Mon Oct 25 23:55:32 EDT 2004

On Mon, Oct 25, 2004 at 01:28:23PM +0200, jeroen groenenboom wrote:
> I have a textbox of which I want to get the value after regular
> intervals (with setTimeout). The events 'oninput' and 'onchange' are sent
> when the focus changes to another element, while I want to get the
> value when the user is still typing. I hope someone knows (an easy) way
> to do this.
> regards,
> Jeroen
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Thanks Jesse, Rod and Mime for your suggestions. They all solved the
problem! The reason 'oninput' didn't work for me, was my (stupid) error.
(an eventhandler I had forgotten about, that was invoked when the focus 
 changed to another element, calling the update function with the RIGHT arguments). 
I was trying to achieve the same effect as the extension editcss,
the extension version of Jesse's famous bookmarklet. The only thing 
about the 'timed' solution, is that it doesn't work well with multiline 
textboxes (no scrollbars, up and down arrow scroll instead of moving 
the cursor to the next line). The 'oninput' seems to me the best solution 
(also better than the one used in editcss).


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