[Project_owners] page bug or mozilla bug?

Chris Neale cdn at mozdev.org
Sat Oct 23 21:00:58 EDT 2004

On Saturday 23 Oct 2004 07:26, HJ wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I have a rather annoying problem when I visit mozdev.org. The problem is
> that I have to resize the browser window, on some of the page, before I
> see the center part of the pages. The text is displayed but disappears
> after a split sec. Clicking links on the pages is also somehow disabled,
> also needs a window resize first.
> Is this a mozilla bug, and if so, do you have the bug # at hand please,
> or is this something caused by some PHP or other code on mozdev.org?
> /HJ

It was a mozilla bug, now it's a css bug :





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