[Project_owners] mini HOWTO on building mozilla with cygwin

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Fri Oct 22 17:31:09 EDT 2004

Davide Carboni wrote:

> Maybe some of you can be interested in reading the mini HOWTO I wrote 
> on building mozilla 1.7.3 on Win32 with cygwin. It is mainly a log 
> book on how I got the build done. See 
> http://citations.mozdev.org/mozilla-build-win32.html fir details...


> I strongly suggest to have at least 4GB free,

This is for the (default) full debug build... an optimised build only 
needs ¼ of the space.

>cd /cygdrive/c/moztools/include
>dos2unix *
>cd libIDL
>dos2unix *
> This is needed to convert DOS line ending to Unix line ending

Actually the line endings in some of the files have double CRs.

>bash --login -i
Shouldn't be necessary; at least, I don't use it ;-)

> The file .mozconfig is used during the build and it must be stored in 
> your home directory. 

Actually you can also put it in your mozilla/ directory.

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