[Project_owners] getting the visible range of an html doc?

Todd Ross todd at brainsick.com
Wed Oct 20 06:54:10 EDT 2004

> Shawn Betts <sabetts at vcn.bc.ca> writes:

> So, instead I could perform the search and get the rectangle
> containing startContainer endContainer and see if either is visible
> (compare rect coords with the window's scrollX, scrollY). I KNOW a
> node's bounding rectangle can be found because the DOM Inspector
> flashes it. But it seems the inspector uses it's own flasher module
> that's written in C++.
> Is there a way to get this bounding rectangle from XUL? Or will I
> have to hack C++ to do it?

Adblock also flashes the elements in the window.  It might be worth
checking out how they do it.  Just a thought.


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