[Project_owners] Dealing with "non-comments" [maybe OT]

Michael J Gruber michaeljgruber at fastmail.fm
Mon Oct 18 11:41:07 EDT 2004

Sorry if this is OT here. Being an extension-dev newbie I'm still 
finding my way around here.

Is there any way or procedure do deal with "non-comments" on 
update.mozilla.org? I just got a comment consisting of "WTF?" and a 
rating of 2 for my LocalLink extension. I do appreciate critical 
comments. Alas, if someone doesn't know "WTF" an extension is for, 
he/she is free not to install it - that's the idea behind extensions, 
right? But a negative rating just keeps others from using it. It's meant 
for negative user experience, not for non-experience.

Any hints/directions/redirections are welcome.


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