[Project_owners] Strange tooltip problem

HJ HJ at netscape.net
Fri Oct 15 21:40:16 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I have some troubles with one of the tooltips in MultiZilla. This looks 
like a mozilla bug, because it worked for quite some time without any 

Now, this specific tooltip works in mozilla trunk builds up to 20040507 
but breaks in mozilla trunk build 20040513, but there are no Windows 
builds in Mozilla's archive, so I'm a bit lost as to when exactly it breaks.

I used to use <tooltip position="before_start"... but that seems to fail 
for unknown reasons. The tooltips position is simply wrong, on top of 
menu items, instead of being aligned with the menu(popup) element.

I tried all other options for position="" but I fail to fix/locate this 
problem. The big question is: "What patch caused me this trouble?". I 
already looked at bonsai like so:


but I'm still lost, please help...


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