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Laeb laebcontact at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 16 10:33:41 EDT 2004

An other important question:
if both the browser and the extension have same language but not same 
country as locales.
What happens ? Does the browser install the first locale referenced in 
the extension's install.rdf or does it install the first extension's 
locale with the same language (but a different country) ?

Jens Bannmann wrote:

>>Now, what happens if someone installs an extension that does not have a
>>locale corresponding to the browser's locale ? Will the en-US locale be
>>used as default locale ?
>>Anyone knows ?
>Firefox will use either the locale matching the browser locale or the
>first locale referenced in the extension's install.rdf. Benjamin
>Smedberg, the guy behind these changes to the chrome registry, told me
>on IRC that we can rely on this behaviour for Firefox 1.0(*). However,
>as he will continue to make improvements to the way extensions and
>locales are registered/selected, the behaviour might change in
>post-1.0 aviary releases.
>(*) Note that there is a related bug (#258725) in the Preview Release
>    that affects extensions with multiple locales. It is fixed in the
>    current branch nightlies, though.
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