[Project_owners] About selected locale

Jens Bannmann jens.b at web.de
Sat Oct 16 02:07:24 EDT 2004

> Now, what happens if someone installs an extension that does not have a
> locale corresponding to the browser's locale ? Will the en-US locale be
> used as default locale ?
> Anyone knows ?

Firefox will use either the locale matching the browser locale or the
first locale referenced in the extension's install.rdf. Benjamin
Smedberg, the guy behind these changes to the chrome registry, told me
on IRC that we can rely on this behaviour for Firefox 1.0(*). However,
as he will continue to make improvements to the way extensions and
locales are registered/selected, the behaviour might change in
post-1.0 aviary releases.

(*) Note that there is a related bug (#258725) in the Preview Release
    that affects extensions with multiple locales. It is fixed in the
    current branch nightlies, though.

Best regards,

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