[Project_owners] Status Reports for October 2004

Jawahar Swaminathan jawahar at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Oct 11 11:33:17 EDT 2004

Hi Brian,

This was submitted via the form, but did not show up on your list.

<div id="Biobar" class="independent">
<h3>Biobar - v1.2.1</h3>
<p>(A toolbar for bioinformatics applications)</p>
<ul class="quickaccess">
<li><a href="http://biobar.mozdev.org/">Home Page</a></li>
<li><a href="http://biobar.mozdev.org/installation.html">Install</a></li>
<li>Contact: <a href="http://biobar.mozdev.org/members.html">Jawahar 

<p>For: Mozilla, Firefox</p>
<p>Platform: Windows, Linux, All platforms where mozilla can be compiled</p>
<p>The code has been improved for efficiency. Some bugs have been 
<h4>Notable Highlights</h4>
<li>Supports searching BioCyc</li>
<li>PDBsum searching enabled</li>
<li>Alternative spliced Database (ASD) searchable</li>
<li>Full collection of Databases supported can be found <a 



regards - Jawahar

Brian King wrote:

> On 28.9.2004 15:00, Brian King wrote:
>> Please send in your reports if you want to be included in the October
>> report. More details here:
>> http://www.mozdev.org/status/submit.html
> Last call ... reports are going out later today. Remember that they 
> also appear in the Mozilla Links newsletter, so you get a lot of 
> exposure.

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