[inbox] [Project_owners] Firefox sidebar

bas bas-b at euronet.nl
Tue Nov 30 03:27:14 EST 2004

Hi Brian,

If your licence is GPL compatible, then you are free to use my sources to find 
out what you need.
I have a system in there that does close the sidebar when the extensions 
manager is opened,this to prohibit a sidebar ghost which comes from 
uninstalling a sidebar overlay when that overlay is in use (open).


At the source page you can find the instructions to pull the source from CVS. 


Op maandag 29 november 2004 18:00, schreef Brian King:
> I've set up an extension to load in the Firefox sidebar (using an overlay).
> 2 questions:
> 1) Is there a way to determine from another window (say a settings
> window) if the sidebar is open, with your extension loaded?
> 2) How to get a handle on it if it is open, say to update styles, add
> content, etc.

//\  Regards,
V_/_ Bas Burger.

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