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>I'm finishing up an extension that updates the status bar with a users'
>current SETI @ Home statistics.
>The updating is done through a window.setTimeout.
>However, the user has some options about what data is displayed, and how
>often to update them (this is limited to just a few choices so as to not
>overload their servers).
>My problem is...after the user has made changes in the options dialog, I'm
>unsure about how to get my main overlay code to reload the users's
>configuration and apply any changes to the display or update frequency.
>Currently, I just popup a message and tell the user to force an immediate
>update on the control (by right-clicking).
>Any suggestions how best to approach this?
>I've tried calling routines in the main code, however, I never seem to get
>the right object references.
It might not be right but I tend to get the window mediator service and 
iterate through the open windows looking for the window I want, once I 
find it, I then call the update routine on that (window) object

kinda like this...
var wm = 
    var wmEnumerator = wm.getEnumerator(null);
    var Wind = wmEnumerator.getNext();
        if (<condition you write to get the correct window>) {
            Wind.document.defaultView.<your update routine here>;
    } catch(e) {
       // should always have a catch block tho

Good luck

RTFM first!  Don't wait til all else fails

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