[Project_owners] New project

Ingo Rau ingorau at imail.de
Tue Nov 30 12:48:52 EST 2004

On Tue, 30.November  2004 09:59, HJ wrote:
> Ingo Rau wrote:
> > Hello everybody!
> > Just wanted to say hello, as I'm new on the list and up with my first
> > extension. It's called "View Background Plus" (viewbgplus) and you can
> > find it on viewbgplus.mozdev.org
> > I'm just filling those pages with content, you can already find a rather
> > extensive description of what the extension does. In short: Ever tried to
> > save an image from the IMDB image archives? If you know what I'm talking
> > about, I can tell you that this extension solves the problem. (Note: If
> > there's an easier way without the extension I didn't think about, I'll
> > bite my table but won't care anymore after that, as anyway this got me to
> > do my first own extension ;).
> >
> > But one problem:
> > My CVS access fails most of the time. So far, it only worked y-day
> > (that's why the link is still not on the page - try
> > http://downloads.mozdev.org/viewbgplus/ViewBgPlus-0.9.xpi). Is that me
> > doing something wrong (unlikely, just using the command from the
> > starter's pages) or is there something wrong with the server?
> And hello to you Ingo.
> I would like to suggest that you do a cvs commit, as soon as cvs works
> again for you, this to add your source code (XUL/JS) Why you ask? Well,
> putting your source code on the mozdev.org server enables everyone here,
> and other people that like to check your source code, to read your code,
> on-line, without the need to download and /or install your XPI.
> Hey, no offense, but think of it this way. You might be one of our worse
> nightmares, on mozdev.org that is, because you could add a virus, worm
> or any other malicious (ad) code in your XPI.
> Ok, that won't happen you say, that might be fair, but so is having your
> Open Source available on-line. This is, or should be, a key requirement
> for new projects of this community.
> Yeah, one of these days, one of these days someone will (try to) hurt
> us, so I rather like to prevent such a 'disaster' because it might hurt
> this Open Source community. Don't you agree?
> You should note that I am in no way affiliated with mozdev.org and the
> mozgroup Inc. other than having a few of my projects hosted on
> mozdev.org, like MultiZilla, so I will leave this open to the admins,
> they can add their comment(s) whenever they feel there's a need for it ;)
Well, CVS worked again - seems it was something with the server.
Of course I'll put up the source code, still figuring out all the aspects of 
my new extension home :)
Anyway, thanx for your tip!
Is there any special way to do this, or just copying the content of the chrome 
directory into /src ?

> p.s. do you have a link of such background image, one that cannot be
> displayed/saved with mozilla?
Just go to www.imdb.com search for your favorite actor/actress, click on the 
small picture in the upper left, then one of the categories and then one of 
the thumbnails. Now try to right-click-save.

OK, a lotta clicking, here's one direct link:

The only way to save the picture by hand was looking up the page source and 
searching for the URL. Or open "Page Info" and choose the right image from 
the "Media" tab. Still much too difficult if you want to save more than one 
Now install my extension (as soon as it appears in the mirrors, when I last 
checked, it still wasn't there...) and see how easy it is ;)
Ingo Rau <ingorau at imail.de>
Siegen, Germany
ICQ: 7128634

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