[Project_owners] New project

HJ bugus at universum.org
Tue Nov 30 01:59:15 EST 2004

Ingo Rau wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> Just wanted to say hello, as I'm new on the list and up with my first 
> extension. It's called "View Background Plus" (viewbgplus) and you can find 
> it on viewbgplus.mozdev.org
> I'm just filling those pages with content, you can already find a rather 
> extensive description of what the extension does. In short: Ever tried to 
> save an image from the IMDB image archives? If you know what I'm talking 
> about, I can tell you that this extension solves the problem. (Note: If 
> there's an easier way without the extension I didn't think about, I'll bite 
> my table but won't care anymore after that, as anyway this got me to do my 
> first own extension ;).
> But one problem:
> My CVS access fails most of the time. So far, it only worked y-day (that's why 
> the link is still not on the page - try 
> http://downloads.mozdev.org/viewbgplus/ViewBgPlus-0.9.xpi). Is that me doing 
> something wrong (unlikely, just using the command from the starter's pages) 
> or is there something wrong with the server?

And hello to you Ingo.

I would like to suggest that you do a cvs commit, as soon as cvs works 
again for you, this to add your source code (XUL/JS) Why you ask? Well, 
putting your source code on the mozdev.org server enables everyone here, 
and other people that like to check your source code, to read your code, 
on-line, without the need to download and /or install your XPI.

Hey, no offense, but think of it this way. You might be one of our worse 
nightmares, on mozdev.org that is, because you could add a virus, worm 
or any other malicious (ad) code in your XPI.

Ok, that won't happen you say, that might be fair, but so is having your 
Open Source available on-line. This is, or should be, a key requirement 
for new projects of this community.

Yeah, one of these days, one of these days someone will (try to) hurt 
us, so I rather like to prevent such a 'disaster' because it might hurt 
this Open Source community. Don't you agree?

You should note that I am in no way affiliated with mozdev.org and the 
mozgroup Inc. other than having a few of my projects hosted on 
mozdev.org, like MultiZilla, so I will leave this open to the admins, 
they can add their comment(s) whenever they feel there's a need for it ;)

p.s. do you have a link of such background image, one that cannot be 
displayed/saved with mozilla?

Anyway, enough rambling, have fun here,

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