[Project_owners] New project

Ingo Rau ingorau at imail.de
Tue Nov 30 10:20:32 EST 2004

Hello everybody!
Just wanted to say hello, as I'm new on the list and up with my first 
extension. It's called "View Background Plus" (viewbgplus) and you can find 
it on viewbgplus.mozdev.org
I'm just filling those pages with content, you can already find a rather 
extensive description of what the extension does. In short: Ever tried to 
save an image from the IMDB image archives? If you know what I'm talking 
about, I can tell you that this extension solves the problem. (Note: If 
there's an easier way without the extension I didn't think about, I'll bite 
my table but won't care anymore after that, as anyway this got me to do my 
first own extension ;).

But one problem:
My CVS access fails most of the time. So far, it only worked y-day (that's why 
the link is still not on the page - try 
http://downloads.mozdev.org/viewbgplus/ViewBgPlus-0.9.xpi). Is that me doing 
something wrong (unlikely, just using the command from the starter's pages) 
or is there something wrong with the server?
Ingo Rau <ingorau at imail.de>
Siegen, Germany
ICQ: 7128634

In memoriam Douglas Adams, 1952-2001
The best way to make a fire with two sticks is to make sure one of them
is a match.
  -- Will Rogers

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