[Project_owners] Apply Options dialog changes

Chris Means cmeans at spatialpoint.com
Mon Nov 29 19:17:47 EST 2004

I'm finishing up an extension that updates the status bar with a users'
current SETI @ Home statistics.

The updating is done through a window.setTimeout.

However, the user has some options about what data is displayed, and how
often to update them (this is limited to just a few choices so as to not
overload their servers).

My problem is...after the user has made changes in the options dialog, I'm
unsure about how to get my main overlay code to reload the users's
configuration and apply any changes to the display or update frequency.

Currently, I just popup a message and tell the user to force an immediate
update on the control (by right-clicking).

Any suggestions how best to approach this?

I've tried calling routines in the main code, however, I never seem to get
the right object references.



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