[Project_owners] Uploading of files in the downloads directory still does not work :-(

HJ bugus at universum.org
Sun Nov 28 04:37:53 EST 2004

Jaap Haitsma wrote:
> Hi,
> Already for almost a week I'm unable to upload new files to the 
> downloads directory. They are uploaded when I commit them with cvs but I 
> don't see them appearing on downloads.mozdev.org. I already sent a mail 
> on the mirrors at mozdev.org list but so far I haven't heard anything.
> Is anybody able to upload files to the downloads dir??
> Are the mirrors not synching or do the files get lost already on the cvs 
> server??
> Jaap

More and more people complain about this, because they simple fail to 
download the latest update from the mirrors. I checked it for myself, 
and they are right.

I wonder why they don't check the file date *before* re-routing people 
to one of the mirrors. That should be possible, no?

Pete should know that it takes ages now, just to update the mirrors, but 
we might have imporant updates, like MultiZilla for example, that should 
go live.

Man, the one on the mirrors is from November 19th and that is revision H 
but I already did commit the updates for revisions I, J and K, so yeah, 
this sucks...

I work hard to keep up with everything, but it doesn't matter anymore, 
on mozdev.org that is, because nobody can download my work any way!

Maybe it is time for another server, like the one we use for all my 
colleagues for almost two years now. A new dedicated server will also 
solve all security issues that might hit mozdev.org, or one of the mirrors.


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