[Project_owners] Using foreign language in my extension

Wladimir Palant trev at gtchat.de
Tue Nov 23 16:36:53 EST 2004

Didier Ernotte wrote:

> I have notice that if I replace the french inforss.dtd by the english
> inforss.dtd file, everything is fine. As soon as I put character like é
> or è, the XUL overlay file cannot read the dtd file. Maybe this as to
> do with the character encoding. Do I have to put something somewhere in
> the <?xml version="1.0"?> tag. I tried to encoding="utf-8" or
> "iso-8859-1", but it doesn't work. I tried to substitute é with &#233;
> and everything is working.

DTD files are supposed to be saved in UTF-8. Just be careful if you save 
files in UTF-8 with Windows Notepad - it puts three binary bytes at the 
beginning of the files that have to be removed, otherwise Mozilla won't 
be able to read it.


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