[Project_owners] Re: protecting preferences

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Fri Nov 19 23:32:05 EST 2004

HJ wrote:

> Neil wrote:
>> HJ wrote:
>>> I keep losing part of my preferences (prefs.js) after a Mozilla 
>>> crash and wonder if there's anything I can do to 'protect' myself.
>> Why not copy the important ones to user.js?
> Thanks Neil, but I am aware of user.js. My main problem is that I have 
> to ask 'end-users' to copy the preferences from prefs.js to user.js 
> just to prevent them from losing prefs, and that sucks.

OK, so how about a pre- or post-launch script that detects a valid 
prefs.js and moves or copies it to user.js - then if prefs.js goes AWOL 
it will get automatically rebuilt. You could also have your own backup 
file but then you would need to modify your script to decide which way 
to do the copy.

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