[Project_owners] Idea: Firefox extension to restore last visited pages

Chris Neale cdn at mozdev.org
Fri Nov 19 19:42:54 EST 2004

On Friday 19 November 2004 16:41, Bartosz Piec wrote:
> Martin Schweikert napisał(a):
> > Since I possibly don't have the skills and surely don't have the time to
> > realize an extension to Firefox, I propose it here.
> I have some idea too... With Firefox 0.10 there came the new two
> positions in Tools menu: Read mail and New mail. I would like to get rid
> of them. Maybe sb knows an extension to do this? Or sth like main menu
> editor? Or maybe someone wants to write this?

Why go over the top ?

userChrome.css :

menuitem[command="Browser:ReadMail"] {
  display: none ! important;

> I can remove them in main application files, but when a new version
> arrives, I would have to this ones more... So it should be something
> that will reside in profile...
> Thanks!




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