[Project_owners] CVS conflict problem

Irongut at vodafone.net Irongut at vodafone.net
Tue Nov 16 22:05:25 EST 2004


I've got a cvs conflict on a file I removed from my project some time ago (when I first started) and I'd like to resolve it because it is bugging me. Whenever I commit, update or add I get:

Hovercraft is now updating: delphi/www
C default.css
? .cvsignore
? favicon.ico
? robots.txt
Success, CVS operation completed

I've tried creating a new default.css, adding it to cvs, committing it, removing it and committing the removal but I still get the conflict.



Dave Murray
Mozilla-Delphi Project
Glasgow, UK
irongut at vodafone dot net

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