[Project_owners] toolbars and menupopup on Mac

Sudhakar Chandra thaths at openscroll.org
Tue Nov 16 16:00:21 EST 2004


Has anyone got toolbars and menupopups (containing menutiems) to work on 
the Mac?

My XUL has the following:

         <toolbar id="navigation-toolbar">
             <toolbarbutton type="menu" label="&menu.habari;">
                 <menupopup id="habari-popup">
                     <menuitem label="&menu.habari.forget;"

This shows up fine on WinDOS and Linux (screenshot at 
  But nothing shows up, as expected, on the Mac.

What alternative system can I provide on the Mac to mimic this 
functionality? Are toolbars even possible on the mac? Can I add my 
menupopup to the top level menu bar somehow?

How have the others solved this problem?

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