[Project_owners] True Image Resizing

Georges-Etienne Legendre legege at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 23:31:22 EST 2004


We're searching a way to resize (and rotate) an image (mainly JPEGs)
in a XPCOM component. We searched in the mozilla sources tree and
found some directories that look to be related with images
transformations (jpeg, libimg,..)

First, we thought at ImageMagik libs, but including it is too heavy.
So, now we're searching a lib that we can include in our xpcom. Is
there someone who knows something about that? An other question is how
a mozilla browser does images resizing (zoom)? Where this code is
located in the sources?

As you can see, we're beginner and are writing our first component!

Thank you for your help!

Georges-Etienne Legendre

- Quebec, Canada -

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