[Project_owners] question about update.mozilla.org...

bas bas-b at euronet.nl
Thu Nov 11 18:20:46 EST 2004

After last few days, and many more occasions that make all sites containing 
the word "Moz" unreachable every time on some Moz related release, I decided 
to host my own cvs and website for sitebarsidebar.

This does not mean I will abonden Mozdev and I hope that in the future I can 
move stuff back to the Mozdev server, mainly because sitebarsidebar is a open 
source XUL application as most on here and has the largest audience on 
Also I keep the Mozdev style for the site, for now i have a redirect to my 

The reason for this is that i find our small project too important to be 
unreachable every time something important happens to Mozilla.

I always imagine the Mozilla followers and slashdotters as the Belgiums from 
the Asterix & Obelix cartoon, when they crossed your path then all people can 
only clean up and hope they wont pass again very soon... ;-)

Also i stay on this maillist as I am positive about it after this time, my 
first impression of it was formed on a unlucky moment (patriotic debate) but 
changed now to very positive. (thanks for all help to all)

I have a question about update.mozilla.org.
We have made a late bundling php script that bundles our SiteBar.xpi on the 
spot when somebody requests one, this way we can change default preferences 
fit per requester.
Thus we don't have a physical xpi file. (if you can speak about physical in 
this virtual world)
Is it posible to put a redirect to it on the updates list on 
And if yes, what are the steps to do that?

Last question, when does the system where extensions are signed goes into 
working for Firefox?
And what are the requirements to sign? A by mozilla issued certificate?


//\  Regards,
V_/_ Bas Burger.

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