[Project_owners] What's the deal with update.mozilla.org?

mime mimecuvalo at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 16:43:12 EST 2004

Hello all,
You're probably wondering as much as I am what's up with u.m.o.  It
says on the 'Login' page that by Firefox 1.0 we'd be enjoying a
developer's control panel so that we could skip (the horror that is)
using Bugzilla to update our extensions.  Also, other necessary
features such as a Search box and an improved comments system are yet
to be seen.  I believe (but maybe I'm a little biased being an
extensions developer myself) that Extensions are big part of what
we're trying to sell as we market Firefox as a product.

So, I was wondering if anyone had a status update on how that's coming
along.  Should we expect it anytime soon?  If anyone on the u.m.o team
is listening, hey, I'm up for helping you guys out if you need it.


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