[Project_owners] Ant for XUL

Daniel Fournier zdev at noos.fr
Fri Nov 12 07:15:21 EST 2004

Hi Mozdev fellows,

I'm considering to develop a new Mozdev project based on Ant, the Apache 
Java building system, i.e. a kind of Unix Make tool. One of the main 
purposes would be to offer a friendly XPI packaging tool to XUL 
developers. This project would be named, well: Xant.

However, instead of using build files coded in XML as Ant and Phing for 
PHP do, it will rather use RDF-XML, the XUL "native" language (probably 
adding an XSLT converter to read original Ant/Phing build files). For 
those who fear RDF, I plan to include the Mozquery engine I already 
developped to ease RDF build file generation.

My questions to all project owners are:
- Do you think such a project would be helpful?
- Would you use it?
- Would you contribute?
- What suggestions do you have?

Useful links:
# <http://ant.apache.org/>
# <http://phing.info/wiki/index.php>
# <http://mozquery.mozdev.org>

Daniel Fournier

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