[inbox] [Project_owners] Can somebody help me with a last minute error?

yaa yaa at euronet.nl
Fri Nov 12 03:33:46 EST 2004

I looked at the 1.0 browser.js somewhat better.
It seems I had to take the name contentAreaClick() very litterally.
It does not work with a sidebar overlay, so I dropped it.
For the middle button i had to handle the event myself on that part.
And for the right button a return false; was sufficient since default action 
was needed.


Op woensdag 10 november 2004 13:23, schreef yaa:
> The final build of FX 1.0 broke the contentAreaClick function that is
> defined in browser.js in the main chrome.
> I use that function to handle middle and right mouseclicks events that i do
> not handle myself.
> The mouseclick events are generated in the sidebar since my application is
> SiteBar Sidebar.
> Prior to Fx 1.0 it handled things fine but now it generates the following
> message:
> ReferenceError: XPCNativeWrapper is not defined
> I will of course check myself why this error comes up, but maybe one of you
> has more experience with that, also because some days ago there was a
> discussion on XPCNativeWrapper.
> Thanks on front for any tip.
> Bas Burger.
> PS. Congratulations to all and specially the development team for FX 1.0

//\  Regards,
V_/_ Bas Burger.

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