[Project_owners] XMLHttpRequest and account/password for proxy

Matthew Wilson matthew at mjwilson.demon.co.uk
Wed Nov 10 19:45:32 EST 2004

Didier Ernotte wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm developping another RSS reader.... (quite simple, everything is in
> the status bar), and since the final release of Firefox 1.0, I have a
> issue with the XMLHttpRequest.open("GET", url) method. Before the final
> version, the request through a secure firewall poped up a dialog for
> the account/password for the firewall. Now, with the final release of
> FF 1.0, I have no more popup, only an alert (exception) in my
> application saying that "Proxy Authentication required". I have to
> manually access to any url through the  firewall to get the security
> popup, and then my extention can access to internet (see
> http://inforss.mozdev.org)
> Any clue ? Can I force in javascript the security popup ?

XMLHttpRequest has an openRequest method which takes a username and 
password but it is not scriptable.

Do you know what kind of authentication it is? I know that you can fake 
HTTP Basic authentication from JS by setting the appropriate header 
using the setRequestHeader method, but I don't know about anything more 
complex (or secure).


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