[Project_owners] Can somebody help me with a last minute error?

yaa yaa at euronet.nl
Wed Nov 10 13:23:56 EST 2004

The final build of FX 1.0 broke the contentAreaClick function that is defined 
in browser.js in the main chrome.
I use that function to handle middle and right mouseclicks events that i do 
not handle myself.
The mouseclick events are generated in the sidebar since my application is 
SiteBar Sidebar.
Prior to Fx 1.0 it handled things fine but now it generates the following 

ReferenceError: XPCNativeWrapper is not defined

I will of course check myself why this error comes up, but maybe one of you 
has more experience with that, also because some days ago there was a 
discussion on XPCNativeWrapper.

Thanks on front for any tip.

Bas Burger.

PS. Congratulations to all and specially the development team for FX 1.0

//\  Regards,
V_/_ Bas Burger.

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