[Project_owners] Changing the encoding of a XMLHttpRequest object's response

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Tue Nov 9 15:32:13 EST 2004

Sudhakar Chandra wrote:

> Matthew Wilson wrote:
>> You want to use DOMSerializer with the first argument as your 
>> document (XMLHttprequest.responseXML), the second argument as some 
>> kind of file output stream, and the third argument as "UTF-8".
> I was doing this already thanks to your previous answer to a question 
> I asked.  Turns out that I was saving the feed fine as utf-8. The 
> XMLSerializer was not changing the xml encoding tag.  Now I change the 
> tag before saving the content and everything is fine.

That sounds as if it needs to be filed in Bugzilla; at least, I couldn't 
find a relevant bug.

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