[Project_owners] I'm having problems using localized strings.

Chris Neale cdn at mozdev.org
Sun Nov 7 18:36:58 EST 2004

On Sunday 07 Nov 2004 18:16, Mats Lindblad wrote:
> Ah thanks dude, I've thought about uploading the source but I haven't
> figured out where to put it, I know it sound stupid but I've looked at
> the docs but haven't found where to put it, do I create a src
> directory localy and add it or what?

If your project was created recently you should have a applyxsl/src directory 
checked out into which you can add your content, locale and skin directories.

> As for the approach, I'm just learing and found the rel stuff at w3c
> and thought it to be a cool idea. Thats all. :)




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