[Project_owners] Using firefox help system for my own documentation

Rod Whiteley rod.whiteley at gmail.com
Sun Nov 7 12:56:03 EST 2004

Leung Wing Chung wrote:
> I tried to find out how to do that, but found out the firefox rdf files 
> are too clumsy to write. Is there any automation in writing these files?

Yes.  Have a look at the CalendarHelp project.  Its builder component 
creates the table of contents, index and glossay index from tags in the 
source xhtml files.  It can also create a context map so that when the 
user presses F1 in a particular field in the main product, the help 
opens at the appropriate topic.

The builder code on CVS right now does not do all these things.  I 
expect to check in a completely new version within days.

Meanwhile, you can read the documentation and start putting the extra 
tags in your xhtml files.

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