[Project_owners] I'm having problems using localized strings.

HJ bugus at universum.org
Fri Nov 5 09:05:28 EST 2004

Mats Lindblad wrote:
> Look at my extension @ applyxsl.mozdev.org

So where is the source?

It seems that you have an Open Source project without source code on 
mozdev.org ?!?!?

Do you really expect people to unpack your jar file in order to help you?

> I've tried using localization but I just get errors, both in the
> xul-files AND in the JS-files.
> It's damn anoying, the xul says that it can't find the "button"
> element, the JS says it can't find the properties-file.
> Any clues any one?!
> /Mats

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