[Project_owners] Quick Guide to Firefox's new Extension API

Luca Minuti lithian at tiscalinet.it
Mon May 31 15:44:32 EDT 2004

> I felt inspired and wrote a document on "Converting Firefox/Mozilla
> Extensions to the new 0.9 API"

In those days I will try to update my extension to the new firefox
installer. But I've a strange problem: if I open my extension writing
its url (chrome://myapp/content) on mozilla it works fine, but if I try to
run it with a shortcut like:

firefox -chrome "chrome://myapp/content/"

it seem that the onload event isn't fired. 

This problem is also present in the old versions of firefox/bird if I
try to install my extension to the profile directory instead of the
chrome directory.

Thanks to all,

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