[Project_owners] Quick Guide to Firefox's new Extension API

Karsten Düsterloh mnenhy at tprac.de
Fri May 28 20:21:27 EDT 2004

Jed aber hob zu reden an und schrieb:
> I felt inspired and wrote a document on "Converting Firefox/Mozilla 
> Extensions to the new 0.9 API"
> You can reach it here: http://jedbrown.net/mozilla/EM/

Very nice doc!

You just forgot to warn that with the ignorance of the install.js by the
new extension manager, it is impossible to install anything with the
requirement of an installation process more complicated than sliced bread.

Mnenhy, for example, has an install script that allows for an user
defined selection of subpackages to install - all that will be broken.
The new extension manager is far too inflexible to be of any use to me,
*taking* user-friendlyness away...

I wonder what the rational behind this is.

<rant>The new extension manager is going to be as dumb as Firefox itself
already is.</rant>

Feel free to correct my English. :)

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